Thursday, January 14, 2010

letter from the President

Dear ACGA members,
This is my first opportunity to say “hello” to everyone as your new ACGA president, having just taken over from Barbara Sebastian who has served as president for the past two years. A big “thank you” goes to Barbara, as well as to the ACGA members who gave me their vote of confidence to take over the president’s chair. Thank you. Having served on the ACGA Board of Directors for several terms, I knew that at some point I would step up to serve as President, and that time has come. I’m equal parts excited, intimidated, anxious, and ready.

My position as President represents new leadership on several fronts. When I juried in as an exhibiting member in my late 20’s, I was the youngest member of the ACGA. Over ten years later, I am now surrounded by other ACGA artists of my generation, and I am happy to see them showing at the Palo Alto Festival, serving on the Board, and taking part in the running of ACGA. This gradual handing over of the baton to the next generation is a necessary part of the ACGA continuing to remain relevant and serve our art community, now and in the future.

As your President, my aim is to usher in some changes to the ACGA, which I hope will promote our members and their work more widely and efficiently while creating an opportunity for all of us to participate more actively in this wonderful community we are all a part of. For starters, this “Letter From the President” will be posted in the new ACGA blog, and you can go there right now and give me your reactions, your ideas, and hopefully, your support. This blog has open comments, so all you need is an internet connection to say what’s on your mind.

While change is new and exciting, let’s all remember that it’s the steady hand of experience that keeps this ACGA ship sailing. The ACGA is a successful organization because of the time and dedication of a select few of its members, who have served faithfully—literally-- for decades. The passion of these members is what gives you amazing exhibiting and show opportunities, a website, reports from other parts of the world, and a balanced budget. My question for you is: What is your passion other than making your art? And how can that passion translate into continuing to make the ACGA totally fabulous?


  1. Thank you Whitney for taking on the President's job. I look forward to working with you as you bring fresh ideas to ACGA.
    Jan Schachter

  2. Congratulations Whitney. It's great to have you take on this job. Your motivation and commitment will greatly benefit the ACGA.
    Mary Mar Keenan

  3. Thanks Jan for all of your hard work with Exhibitions! And thanks for your support Mary Mar!

  4. Wow. A blog. Very 21st century. I am glad to read that our new president is focusing on our growth potential. Sure enough, steady handling in calm seas will float the boat, but if we never enter rough water, we'll never go far. Thanks, Whitney. I look forward to seeing what you have in store for us as you take the helm.
    James Aarons