Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Letter from the President

Hello all ACGA members,

A little over a month ago, the Board hammered out the new 2010 ACGA budget for 2010. You’ll be happy to know that the ACGA budget is balanced and in good health. I am continually amazed that the ACGA keeps such a solid footing when it comes to our finances, and grateful to the members who make sure it stays that way. The ACGA Treasurer, April Zilber deserves much recognition for her hard work.. She certainly goes above and beyond the call of duty in making sure our money flows in the proper direction, and always has her finger on the pulse of our bank accounts. Thank you April!

This year we allocated more money to our website budget to continue to make improvements and keep it updated and fresh. Our website, now more than ever, is the “face” of ACGA and often the first stop for people who are interested in our organization. As ACGA members, you are entitled to a page on our site, which also can link to your other web pages. My own recent perusal through our ACGA website shows me that there are many members who have not yet set up their page, and other members who have set it up, but have not updated it in over a year! May I say, with head hanging low, that I am guilty of not keeping my own page updated.

All of us have busy lives, and may already have multiple portals on the web to keep track of. For myself, the ACGA site has been an afterthought, and I have not made it a priority to keep it current. But when I look at all the ACGA members have invested to get this website up and running, and keep it running, I realize it’s time to make my member page part of my regular online routine. If you have not set up your member page yet, make it a priority to do it this week. Email Candise Flippin for a username and password, and spend 30 minutes putting up your best images, an artist statement, and all of your contact information. I’m doing it, and I challenge you to do it too!

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