Monday, March 15, 2010

SoCal Report - La Quinta Arts Festival

Here are some photos of ACGA members at the 2010 La Quinta Arts Festival in La Quinta, CA. They supplement the April SoCal Report in the ACGA newsletter. For more information about the festival, or for a link to the application, go to

Chris Bing and Jan Wax have been exhibiting at the La Quinta Arts Festival for 15 years. They find the crowd to have traditional taste in artwork, which is not necessarily what you would expect in a desert community. Many people in the area come to La Quinta from Canada for the winter.

Cheryl Costantini and Mikio Matsumoto of Nichibe Pottery were first time exhibitors. They took a double booth and were very impressed with the quality of work at the show.

This is the third time at the LQAF for Michael Hermann and Gina Lunn. Their Venetian cane technique glass really sparkled in the desert sun. They believe that the high quality of artwork at the LQAF makes it the best show in southern California. But it can also create a little competition for sales.

Michael Adcock and wife Christine have shown at the LQAF many times and feel that it is always an honor to be selected.

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