Monday, February 28, 2011

letter from the president: facebook

I don't mean to put you on the spot, but do you like us? I mean really really "like" us? The quotation marks might be a tip off to some of you that I'm referring to the "like" feature on Facebook. Did you know the ACGA has a Facebook fan page? Not many do, because the last time I checked, we only had 133 fans. For an organization with over 500 members, so few fans tells me we have some work to do on the fan page.

If you have a Facebook profile already, please look us up at and hit that "like" button! Once you "like" us, you can post on the ACGA wall, and I invite you to do so. What's appropriate for the ACGA fan page? Basically, anything related to clay and glass, especially the activities of our members. Are you having an open studio or have you recently updated your website? Post it to the wall. Any clay or glass related links you find interesting including exhibit opportunities, technique articles, or artist profiles can easily be shared with others by posting it to the wall. If you have some new work you are excited about, upload the images to our wall and invite comments!

Do you have a facebook page? If you do, please "like" us right away, and then invite all of your friends to like us!

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