Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Letter from the President

July is just a few days away, and for many exhibiting members of the ACGA, that means the Clay and Glass Festival. For me, the Festival is one of the most enjoyable shows I do every year. It's a time to re-connect with ACGA members who I otherwise do not see throughout the year, as well as some of my customers and collectors. I put on the best game face I have for the Festival: my best work, my best display, and hopefully, my best self.

The show also signals that high summer is here, which means some well-deserved time off from the everyday production at my studio. I've been thinking lately about how the American work ethic is so ingrained in me that I often burn myself out at the studio, so when vacation time rolls around I don't even want to think about clay. It often seems like I'm going from one extreme to the other, working so hard that I hurt my brain and well-being, to working not at all to recover. I'm thinking this approach lacks balance, that magical state of being I hear people talking about. Is your studio practice balanced? If so, what are your words of wisdom for achieving balance, if only temporarily? If not, what practices do you think would help you have a more balanced approach? I often hear "balance" as a prescription for many things that ail us in our modern, fast-paced Western culture. What do you think?

I hope to see you all the Festival!

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