Monday, October 22, 2012

The holidays are coming. I usually visualize this time of year as a block of time that is separate from the rest of my life. It's an ordeal to get through, a mountain that must be climbed. Yes, there is money to be made from the holiday shopping, and that truly is the compensation for the extra work and stress. I can never truly get myself in gear and "stock up" for the holidays. I just can't do it. For one thing, I never have any idea what people are going to be buying. I've learned I do not have the gift of knowing what is going to be the hot seller, and if I try to predict, my buyers inevitably outsmart me. I don't make holiday themed items, so I can't crank those out. I just make what I make, eyeballing the gathering tidal wave just offshore, and hope that it will be enough. Of course, it never is!

Every year I step out of the madness a little more. I'm not doing any shows this holiday season for the first time ever, except for Open Studio. I know I will not make as much money, but I figure I'll save some of my sanity, and I still think that's worth something. What about you? Does your studio become a mini factory around the holidays? Do you burn it at all ends trying to make the most of the season? Let us know what your coping strategies are!

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