Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer is waning, and so are parts of my garden. Something is always growing, and something is always dying. It has had its moments of full glory:  sweet peas going off in all of their colors, the sunflowers still unmolested by squirrels, the sage blooming and bringing in the hummingbirds. I've mentioned before that I am relatively new to the whole gardening thing, and I am just now starting to recognize that in a garden, it's not really all about having this perfectly beautiful, perfectly growing space like you might see in a magazine. It's all about change. And death. And growth. All at the same time. When it all comes together and everything is thriving, it just doesn't last that long, and you have to enjoy it while it is there.  I'm not going to lie and day this has made me a better person who has learned how to enjoy being in the moment, because I'm still working on that. It has made me see that the garden is just another extension of life: always in flux, rarely perfect.

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