Friday, January 27, 2012

Letter From the President

A new year, a new day.  My resolution this year is easy, cause I had the same resolution last year: less thinking, more doing.  While less thinking may sound like a bad thing, especially when you're doing something like talking or driving, less thinking is actually doing your mind a favor.  My thinking is mostly about two things: what I should have done in the past, and what I want to do in the future.  Focusing on being in the moment and what I can do right now is my new year resolution.

This dovetails nicely with my goals for the ACGA. Just in case you didn't know, I was overwhelmingly voted in as your president for another 2-year term.  It's true no one ran against me, so a landslide was the forgone conclusion.  Victory is sweet, let me tell you.  With two more years to go, I want to do a better job helping guide the ACGA, and that means more of the "doing" thing.  My goal, in a nutshell, is to make ACGA membership something recognizably and tangibly beneficial to all its members, such as creating more access to resources like marketing support and networking with peers.  Also, I notice whenever ACGA members get together, they just love talking shop, hanging out, and brainstorming together.  I want to create more opportunities for member events that are free, fun, and provide occasions to get together and... do something!

At the recent annual retreat we made a list of ideas to help achieve this goal, and you can read my report below to get more details.  The next day I thought of a fun event the help our members with Facebook networking, called "Liking Me, Liking You"  which Erin McGuiness and I are going to host on  Thursday, March 1.  Again, please read details below to participate in person or virtually.

Finally, we have a new member to welcome the Board of Directors, Kathy Pallie.  I want to extend a warm welcome to Kathy, and encourage our members to check out her work right here.

I hope everyone has a healthy and happy 2012.


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