Thursday, January 17, 2013

Letter from the President

After the retreat this year,  I am feeling super energized. I don't usually use the word "super" on the place of "very", but in this case, I think it is called for. We just seated 7 new board members. Seven! It makes me feel really good to have such a large group of people stepping in to help guide this organization. Our new Board members include: Christa Assad, Bonita Cohn, Julie Feld, Bill Geisinger, Amy Halko, Josie Jurczenia, and Jessica Parker. A big thank you and welcome to them!

At the retreat, we set a very ambitious vision for the year. Overall, our goal is the enhance the benefits and advantages of being an ACGA member. This means providing more opportunities to learn, to meet members of your community, to contribute,  and to engage in activities that get you revved up about participating in the ACGA. Because that's what it's all about people, getting involved! Some items on our short list include:

  • regular marketing salons covering topics such as writing a newsletter for your customers, using facebook as a way to boost your business, and learning how to connect with designers and architects as a way to sell your work.
  • creating a Library Party Committee to dismantle the ACGA library and find our books a new home. And yes, a party will be involved!
  • hosting a workshop on photographing your own work so you no longer have to pay someone else to do it.
How do you stay abreast of all these exciting activities? Make sure you read through the newsletter, where new events will always be announced.  You can also sign up for the acga group email list and check facebook for latest event postings. Do you have an idea for an event you think would be a fun? Let me know and we will make it happen!

onward and upward,

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